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Where Are the Tests?

Donald Trump lied about the danger from COVID-19. Now he's lying about the availability of tests for the coronavirus. Watch him lie, again, in real time.
March 22, 2020
Where Are the Tests?

Today is Sunday, March 22, 2020 and America is a different country than it was a month ago.

Business have closed. Untold millions have been laid off. Many people who still have jobs are working from home while trying to care for children, whose schools and daycares are shuttered. Nothing is the same . . . except for Donald Trump.

Confronted with a looming pandemic, the Trump administration wasted its most valuable asset—time. From the moment the outbreak took hold in China, Trump should have made the ramp up of a testing regime his top priority, because the single most effective—and cost effective—weapon against pandemics is aggressive testing.

Instead, Trump spent the interregnum between the outbreak in China and COVID-19’s arrival in America lying to the public about what was happening.

And now that he can no longer deny the existence of the pandemic, he’s lying to us about the availability of the tests he didn’t procure in order to keep America safe.

Watch the lies, side-by-side with the facts.

Barry Rubin

Barry Rubin is a senior video editor at The Bulwark.