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You may have noticed that Twitter, the platform we all love to hate, is going through a bit of a rough patch. Will Twitter still be around in 6 months? Who knows! Will it descend into a hellscape of scambots and porn spam? Maybe!

Either way, you need a contingency plan for a reliable and interesting community with great content at the center. And that’s where Bulwark+ comes in.

What do you get for $8 a month? Three exclusive daily newsletters from Charlie Sykes, Jonathan V. Last and Jim Swift. Private podcasts just for Bulwark+ members, where we share our candid and uncensored opinions. Thursday Night Bulwark, our weekly interactive live stream. A moderated comments section, with some of the most thoughtful readers in the country.

Not bad for 8 bucks.

But the best part is, no spam, no advertising, no junky pop-ups, no trolls, and no impersonators.

We all love having a community to talk about politics and the world. Twitter has been a great platform for discussion and debate, but there’s no guarantee it will survive much longer.

The B in your Plan B should stand for Bulwark.

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Sarah Longwell