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Senate National Emergency Vote Prediction Contest

by Jim Swift
February 25, 2019
Senate National Emergency Vote Prediction Contest

The House is expected to vote Tuesday on a joint resolution that would terminate President Trump’s declared national emergency regarding the southern border. Should it be passed by the House (and barring any unforeseen circumstances, it likely will pass easily), the Senate must vote on the legislation within 18 days.

We’re having a contest. Here’s how it works: Below is a form with all 53 Republican senators and three choices: “Yea” “Nay” and “Not Voting.” In case you wish to cheat, you can look at our list of conservative skeptics, but caveat emptor: previous expressions of concern don’t always translate into votes.

Predict how each senator will vote, and the closest winner(s) will get a high-quality print of original Bulwark story art of their choosing. By entering, you’ll be signed up for The Bulwark’s daily newsletters, from which you can opt out at any time.

This contest has ended. Winners will be notified by email.

Jim Swift

Jim Swift is a senior editor at The Bulwark.