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How to Help Afghan Refugees

A compilation of charitable resources.
August 26, 2021
How to Help Afghan Refugees
In this handout provided by the U.S. Air Force, an air crew prepares to load evacuees aboard a C-17 Globemaster III aircraft in support of the Afghanistan evacuation at Hamid Karzai International Airport on August 21, 2021 in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Photo by Taylor Crul/U.S. Air Force via Getty Images)

No matter what your politics are or what you think about America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, there’s one thing all people of good will can agree upon: We ought to help Afghan refugees who are now fleeing Taliban rule—especially those Afghans who are at special risk because they aided America.

Don’t be paralyzed by the scale of the problem and your distance from it. We can all help, in concrete ways, right now from where we are.

Some Afghan families fleeing for their lives have already landed in America. More will come. Many of these families have left everything behind. Everything. They need help starting over. 

There are charities where you can volunteer to work to with Afghan refugees—simple things like picking people up from your city’s airport. And there are charities that need your financial support so they can help these folks with everyday necessities.

We’re putting together a list of charities working with Afghan refugees that we think are worthy of your support. Not all of them do the same thing. But hopefully you can find one to support in ways that you think are valuable. And if you know of other worthy efforts we should list here, please let us know.

Let’s put politics aside. It’s time to help these families. Please join us.

The Editors

National Charities

Donate to Catholic Relief Services

Volunteer for Lutheran Social Services

Donate to Lutheran Social Services

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

Donate to AfghanEvac

Donate to No One Left Behind

Donate to Miles4Migrants (airline miles, credit card points, etc.)

Donate to Human Rights First

Donate to Hearts & Homes for Refugees

Donate to Refugee Council USA

Donate to Global Impact’s Specialty Fund

Donate to Samaritan’s Purse

Donate to World Relief

Donate to Save the Children’s Emergency Fund

Donate to Change a Life: Kabul

Donate to Soldier’s Angels

Washington, D.C.-Area Charities 

Volunteer in the D.C. Area (Lutheran Social Services)

Volunteer in the D.C. Area (Catholic Charities of Arlington)

Donations in Northern Virginia (Lutheran Social Services and the LDS Church)

Donate goods or money to Adventist Social Services of Washington, D.C.

Donate goods, money, or your time to the Muslim Association of Virginia.

Other Regional Charities

Volunteer in Seattle / Tacoma, Washington (Lutheran Social Services)

Volunteer in Houston, Texas (Lutheran Social Services)

Volunteer in Fort Worth, Texas (Lutheran Social Services)

Donate to Catholic Charities of Galveston-Houston

Donate to The Refugee Response of Cleveland, Ohio

Donate to Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

Donate to Hampton Roads Refugee Relief (Hampton Roads, Virginia)

Donate to Refugee & Immigrant Transitions of San Francisco

Donate to the Center for Refugee Services of San Antonio, Texas

Jewish Family and Community Services of San Francisco

Donate or Volunteer to the International Institute of St. Louis, Missouri

Donate to the African Community Center of Denver, Colorado

This list will be updated. Send suggested additions to [email protected].