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The Focus Group Podcast

Sarah Longwell has conducted hundreds of hours of focus groups all across the country. She and a series of guests take you behind the glass to hear real focus group participants. Unfiltered, uncompromising, unexpected—The Focus Group is a look into what the average voter thinks about politics, policy, and current events.

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The Focus Group Podcast Episodes

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Apr 6, 2024 · 52 Mins
S4 Ep27: RFK Jr.: The Most Insider Outsider (with Astead Herndon)
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is shaking up the presidential race…and no one knows what his…
Mar 30, 2024 · 47 Mins
S4 Ep26: Hands Off My TikTok (with Andrew Egger)
The House recently passed a bill that could lead to a ban on TikTok in…
Mar 23, 2024 · 46 Mins
S4 Ep25: “I voted for Donald Trump. My bad, fam.” (with Tim Miller)
Sarah’s trying to convince former Trump voters to abandon him in November, through a campaign…
Mar 16, 2024 · 45 Mins
S4 Ep24: Cleveland Rocks (with Henry Gomez)
The Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Ohio is heating up…unexpectedly. Cleveland-area businessman Bernie Moreno…
Mar 9, 2024 · 57 Mins
S4 Ep23: Taken for Granted? (with Ashley Allison)
Donald Trump is polling better with Black voters than he used to, so we fielded…
Mar 2, 2024 · 43 Mins
S4 Ep22: California Schemin’ (with Jon Favreau)
California’s U.S. Senate race is a battle royal for small-dollar Democratic donors, between Reps. Adam…
Feb 24, 2024 · 51 Mins
S4 Ep21: Nikki Haley’s (New) Time for Choosing (with Tim Alberta)
Nikki Haley is in YOLO mode as she faces down a loss in her home…
Feb 17, 2024 · 43 Mins
S4 Ep20: Life’s Too Short for Trump (with Jonathan V. Last)
Trump appears to be in the driver’s seat to return to the White House. We…
Feb 10, 2024 · 49 Mins
S4 Ep19: Congress: The Dumbest It’s Ever Been (with Joe Perticone)
We’re bringing you an update on the Republicans in Congress. We taped this BEFORE Republicans…
Feb 3, 2024 · 46 Mins
S4 Ep18: Nevada: State of Confusion (with Jon Ralston)
Nevada has a GOP presidential primary AND a caucus. Donald Trump is going to win…