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Why Taylor Swift and AMC Bypassed the Studios

September 5, 2023
This week, Sonny Bunch (The Bulwark), Alyssa Rosenberg (The Washington Post), and Peter Suderman (Reason) ask if Taylor Swift and AMC got the better of the studios by agreeing to a direct distribution deal for her forthcoming Eras Tour movie concert. Given the way studios are messing with the release calendar in response to the ongoing strikes, was this a smart short-term play to fill a revenue gap for AMC, or something that augurs a whole new business opportunity? Most importantly: Will Alyssa browbeat Sonny into seeing the movie? We’ll have to see. Then the gang discusses The Equalizer 3, director Antoine Fuqua’s concise cinematic case for Just War Theory. Make sure to swing by Friday for our bonus episode on old-man action movies. And if you enjoyed this episode, share it with a friend! 
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