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Where Did the Empathy for Ukraine Go? (with Terrell Starr)

December 17, 2023
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Terrell Starr joins Tim to discuss being a Black reporter in Ukraine, and how that impacts the way he views the Russian invasion of the country. He also delves into the current mentality of Ukrainian citizens towards the defense effort, as well as how they view the stalemate in the United States over additional funds its ally.

Terrell’s YouTube channel, Black Diplomats official, can be found here: to Terrell’s newsletter here: (First article publishes next week.If you’d like to donate to some Ukrainian organizations Terrell recommends, click on the links below:Nareshti Help Fund: PAYPAL info: [email protected] (In the note say, “Terrell Starr sent me your way.”)Yahidne Mission, which helps to rebuild homes in formerly occupied cities: Kagitina, who supports Ukrainian soldiers who need winter gear, can be reached by email at [email protected]. (In the note say, “Terrell Starr sent me your way.”)Follow Terrell on social media with links below.Twitter:


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