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What a Week!

November 12, 2022

Sarah has a special message for Focus Group fans as we wait for the remaining election results.

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This transcript was generated automatically and may contain errors and omissions. Ironically, the transcription service has particular problems with the word “bulwark,” so you may see it mangled as “Bullard,” “Boulart,” or even “bull word.” Enjoy!
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    However, everybody. What a week? This is Sarah Longwell publisher of The Bulwark. And if you have been listening to this podcast for the last many Mona Charen the election outcomes that we just got are not shocking to you because as we have been saying the whole time, swing voters. They do not like these extremist candidates.
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    They say, at the top, every time. What do they care about? They care about crime, they care about inflation, they care about the economy. Yes. When it came to vote choice, what we saw over and over again from the true swing voters not the leaders, but the swing voters.
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    They were voting for Democrats. Because many times it came down because they thought they were too extreme on abortion. Or because they just thought they were extreme in other ways. And we saw that play out in race after race this week. But here’s the thing.
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    We are still waiting for results in Nevada, in Arizona, and in terms of who controls the house, And so I am just checking in to say that we are gonna take this week off just because we still got all these races left account. We are pulling together wing voters to do sort of a retrospective to find out who they voted for and why they voted. We Bulwark, you know, we wanna make sure we’re here to use the focus groups to shed light. But it’s just gonna take a little bit here. We’re probably gonna need another week to really field our group.
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    So we’re gonna be off this week. Go check out the Secret Podcast that I just taped with my pal, Jonathan Last, check out the next level with me, Tim and ABL. Go check out Charlie Sykes podcast, which is great. I’m on bed to differ this week with Mona Charen. So lots to sips through lots of other great Boardwalk podcasts.
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    To go get your content from, but I promise we will talk to a bunch of swing voters and then we will let you listen to what they say. Appreciate all of you. Appreciate get you listening. Stay tuned. Talk soon.
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