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The Focus Group Podcast Is Back!

February 1, 2023

Season 3 of The Focus Group Podcast with Sarah Longwell returns this Wednesday. Tune in to hear Republican pollster Whit Ayres break down The Bulwark’s latest poll and hear from the voters that are keeping Trump’s 2024 chances alive.

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This transcript was generated automatically and may contain errors and omissions. Ironically, the transcription service has particular problems with the word “bulwark,” so you may see it mangled as “Bullard,” “Boulart,” or even “bull word.” Enjoy!
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    Hello, everyone. It’s Sarah Longwell, Publisher of The Bulwark and Host of The focus group podcast. Every week, we talk to voters across the political spectrum and bring you behind the glass to hear voters in their own words as we try to make sense. Of this complicated political moment. Listen to the show that people in Washington listened to to understand the rest of the country.
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