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The Evangelical Crack-Up

January 12, 2024
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The Atlantic‘s Tim Alberta discusses his book on the rot within white evangelical Protestantism. The panel then considers Christie’s exit, Haley’s chances, and what the GOP base really wants.Highlights / LowlightsMona Charen-  Don Scott, sworn in as first Black speaker of Virginia’s House of Delegates, was once a federal prison inmateBill Galston-  Haley’s strong bid for second place in the Iowa debate

Linda Chavez- Lowlight: ‘Flight 93 Election’ Anti-Trumpers Imperil the Rule of Law by Peter BerkowitzHighlight: Anti-Trump Means Anti-Democracy? You Can’t Be Serious by Ronald Radosh and Gabriel SchoenfeldDamon Linker- The Case for Trump … by Someone Who Wants Him to Lose by Bret Stephens

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