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Scary Polls and Scary Pols

November 10, 2023
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Chris Cillizza joins the crew (plus Will Saletan) to discuss the election outcomes, the GOP debate, the generational divide about Israel, and what to make of those polls.highlights / lowlightsChris Cillizza: Vivek Ramaswamy’s performance in the third GOP debate.Mona Charen: This Florida School District Banned Cellphones. Here’s What Happened (NYT)Hawley, Mayorkas get personal at hearing: ‘Despicable’  (The Hill)Linda Chavez: The Census Bureau sees an older, more diverse America in 2100 in three immigration scenarios (WaPo)Get to Know the Influential Conservative Intellectuals Who Help Explain G.O.P. Extremism (Damon Linker, NYT)Bill Galston: Joe Manchin won’t run for reelection, giving GOP an opening to flip West Virginia seatWill Saletan: Congressional Black Caucus welcomes Gabe Amo as its record-setting 60th member

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