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Hamas’s Propaganda Triumph

October 20, 2023
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Yascha Mounk is the guest this week. Topics include the press’s credulity regarding the Gaza hospital story; the speakerless House; and Yascha’s new book The Identity Trap.

highlights / lowlights

Mona: Poland Shows That Autocracy Is Not Inevitable by Anne Applebaum

Yascha: The shift in media coverage about the hospital in Gaza.

Linda: How America’s Largest Socialist Organization Went from Supporting Israel to Boycotting It by Ron Radosh.

Bill: ‘The Most Disgraceful Behavior By Republicans In My Lifetime’: Gingrich Lets Loose on House GOP and Amir Tibon on How His Family Survived the Hamas Massacre.

Damon: Palestinian right of return matters by Matthew Yglesias.

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