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Courting Trouble? (with Prof. Steve Vladeck)

October 7, 2022
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Prof. Steve Vladeck joins the group (plus Bill Kristol) to consider how far the Supreme Court will go this term on matters of race and elections. Also, will GA really make Herschel Walker a US Senator?

Highlights & Lowlights:

Mona: Russia’s Nuclear Bluster Is a Sign of Panic – The Atlantic (

Steve: Former President Trump escalates the legal battle over classified documents, again – NPR (

Bill Galston: Russian forces retreat from strategic Donetsk city a day after Moscow’s annexation of the region – CNN (

Marc Short says Trump’s post on Elaine Chao was a “racial slur” that was “obviously wrong” – CBS News (

Bill Kristol: In Speedy Embrace of Herschel Walker, Republicans Make Familiar Political Bargain – The New York Times (

Linda: DACA remains intact as appeals court sends case challenging its legality back to lower court in Texas – The Texas Tribune (

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