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48: ‘Coming 2 America’ Reviewed! Plus: What’s the Deal with the Royals?

March 10, 2021
On this week’s episode, Alyssa Rosenberg (The Washington Post) fills in Sonny Bunch (The Bulwark) and Peter Suderman (Reason) about the whole to-do over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s and their interview with Oprah. And the gang reviews Coming 2 America! Is it an exciting new adventure or a stale old rehash? You’ll never guess just by looking at the image at the top of this post … or will you? Also, make sure to check out our special bonus episode on what to watch for International Women’s Day! (Which was yesterday, yes, we know, but if it makes you feel any better, it’s Women’s History Month, so you have a whole month to celebrate Alyssa and watch the movies we recommend, okay?)
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