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April 9, 2024 3:11 pm

Trump and Lindsey Graham Finally Found a Disagreement

Plus: Yet another impeachment trial that likely won’t happen.
Joe Perticone
April 9, 2024 3:08 pm

The Ripliad’s Inhuman Odyssey

On Patricia Highsmith’s sociopathic grifter.
Bill Ryan
April 9, 2024 12:15 pm

Hamas, Israel, and the Brutal Logic of War

Hamas wants as many dead Palestinians as possible.
Jonathan V. Last
April 9, 2024 10:05 am

Bringing ‘Monkey Man’ to the Big Screen

Plus: is The Rock's non-endorsement a non-troversy?
Sonny Bunch
April 9, 2024 9:32 am

Could Dobbs Boomerang on Trump?

Plus: A perfect eclipse in Cleveland.
William Kristol and Jim Swift
April 9, 2024 1:45 am

Trump Is Not Pro-Life

He’s not protecting women or babies. He’s protecting himself.
William Saletan
April 9, 2024 1:05 am

Reasons for Political Optimism

In what feels like a flood of bad news of late, here are some scraps of good-news flotsam and jetsam…
A.B. Stoddard
April 8, 2024 2:13 pm

Bill Kristol: Pure Oligarchic Greed

Ad-Free Version
April 8, 2024 9:26 am

Bigotry and Flattery Fuel Trump’s Campaign

Plus: What is Speaker Johnson willing to sacrifice for Ukraine aid?
William Kristol and Benjamin Parker