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Musk’s Folly

Here at The Bulwark, our writers and editors bring you news and analysis through a variety of platforms. From cable television and radio to podcasts, social media, videos, newsletters, and articles, there are quite a few ways we try to get our message out.

Whether you know it or not, if you use Twitter, you’ve been dragged into a grudge match between a capricious billionaire and a major publishing platform, Substack.

You can read about the details of the conflict elsewhere, but here’s the gist: It’s kind of like a stalemate before the start of baseball between a cable provider and a sports channel. When this happens, fans lose. And while most of those spats get sorted out, this one might not.

We use both of these platforms to bring The Bulwark and our Bulwark+ content to you and we can’t do much about it. We’ll continue to use Twitter, but if the new restrictions hold, that might mean our work won’t make it to your screen. We don’t want you to lose out.

You can do something about it to ensure you’re getting to see all of what we have to offer: sign up for our free newsletters.

Even if you’re not ready to join Bulwark+, don’t worry, my afternoon newsletter, Overtime, links to all of the work we’ve published that day, as well as some must-reads from around the internet. That way, you’re not subject to the whims of whatever Elon’s Twitter algorithm is that day. Or that hour. (It was recently reported that the algorithm down-ranks news about Russia’s war on Ukraine.)

We’re on a few other social networks, too. We post excerpts, video and audio snippets, and a lot of our art director Hannah Yoest’s gorgeous story art on Instagram. If you’re on Facebook, so are we! And over at Post.News, we post story snippets and notable nuggets from stories. We even have an unofficial subreddit and a Discord. And Substack has a free app on iOS and Android that has push notifications the second we publish something.

Point is, there are lots of ways to be up to date on the latest new Bulwark content—for free! When Elon bought Twitter, our founder Bill Kristol wrote: “Twitter has been a great platform for discussion and debate, but there’s no guarantee it will survive as it’s been.” That was last November.

Twitter is still going, but it’s seen some changes that make it less reliable. While it has long been popular for being the only major platform where you can easily see what you want in a chronological timeline, recent changes have made that not the case.

So if you like what we do, it’s best to have a backup plan. And our free newsletters ensure you won’t miss out on our latest shows, podcasts, articles, and even live events.

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–Jim Swift

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