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Mike Pence’s Brother Wants Him to Run in 2024

Greg Pence, a Trump-endorsed Indiana congressman, would prefer Donald's VP to become the next P.
November 17, 2022
Mike Pence’s Brother Wants Him to Run in 2024
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Indiana Rep. Greg Pence, the older brother of Mike Pence, wants the former vice president to run for president in 2024.

Asked by The Bulwark if he would support Trump’s campaign—something he did in 2020, a favor Trump repaid by endorsing Pence in his House re-election race this year—Pence quipped, “I’m gonna back my brother.” When asked if his brother is indeed running, Pence paused and said, “I hope so. I would encourage him to.” He would not elaborate on conversations he has had with the former vice president about any 2024 ambitions.

Pence sarcastically added he was “shocked” and “stunned” that Trump announced another presidential campaign.

Already, Mike Pence is acting like a man gearing up for a White House bid. He has released a book, made rounds of interviews, and attempted to carve out a lane as an alternative to the administration he stuck with until the final, violent moments.

“I think we’ll have better choices in the future,” Pence said when asked if Donald Trump “should ever be president again” during an interview with ABC. “The people of this country actually get along pretty well once you get out of politics, and I think they want to see their national leaders start to reflect that same compassion and generosity of spirit.”

Pence said during an interview at Georgetown University, “there might be somebody else I’d prefer more.”

“What I can tell you is I have every confidence that the Republican Party is going to sort out leadership. All my focus has been on the midterm elections, and it’ll stay that way for the next 20 days,” he added. “But after that, we’ll be thinking about the future—ours and the nation’s—and I’ll keep you posted.”

If Pence decides to jump into the race, he will immediately face several hurdles, chief among them being his former boss.

Pence’s relationship with Trump has completely evaporated since January 6th, 2021 when a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol to prevent the transfer of power and, according to the stated intentions of some in the crowd, kill the vice president and other elected officials. Trump would later defend the chant to hang his right hand man—and Greg Pence would vote against impeaching him for his role in the insurrection.

But that’s all in 2021, and if Mike Pence does end up running, he will have at least one endorsement in Congress right at the start.

Joe Perticone

Joe Perticone is national political reporter at The Bulwark. Follow him on Twitter: @JoePerticone. He can be reached at: [email protected].