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Trump Investigations

January 30, 2024 5:32 am

Trump’s $83.3 Million Temper Tantrum

The E. Jean Carroll case may give us a preview of Trump’s campaign.
Mona Charen
January 29, 2024 3:50 am

PODCAST: Trump’s 91 Problems (& Jail is One)

George T. Conway III
January 11, 2024 3:23 am

George Conway: “Trump Will Spend the Rest of His Life in Jail”

Sarah Longwell and George Conway
January 10, 2024 5:32 am

Good Luck Finding “Impartial Jurors” for the Trump Trials

People know a lot about Trump and his alleged crimes, have strong feelings about him, and worry about Trump tampering…
Rich Thau and Matt Steffee
January 9, 2024 5:32 am

The Danger of Trump’s Bogus “Summary of Election Fraud”

The former president is taking lying about the 2020 election to a whole new level.
Bill Lueders
December 20, 2023 5:32 am

A Need for Speed: SCOTUS Should Move Fast on Trump Immunity Claim

Plus: One justice has already made the case for prosecuting ex-presidents.
Paul Rosenzweig
December 18, 2023 5:32 am

What to Expect from the Supreme Court on the Trump Immunity Case

Will Clarence Thomas or the three justices appointed by Trump recuse themselves?
Kimberly Wehle
December 12, 2023 5:32 am

‘Scaffold Commander’ and the Manufacture of Delusion

Trump’s lawyers are probing the theory that progressive journalist John Nichols helped instigate the January 6th attack.
Bill Lueders
December 7, 2023 3:01 am

Courts to Trump Again and Again: You’re Not Above the Law

The former president’s quixotic quest for infinite immunity.
Justin Florence and Genevieve Nadeau
November 27, 2023 5:32 am

Four Things to Know About the Trump ‘Gag Order’ Clash

He was ordered not to make remarks that “target” individuals connected to his pending January 6th trial.
Kimberly Wehle