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Robert Zubrin

Robert Zubrin, an aerospace engineer, is the founder of the Mars Society and the president of Pioneer Astronautics. His latest book, The Case for Space: How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens Up a Future of Limitless Possibility, was recently published by Prometheus Books. Twitter: @robert_zubrin.

Articles by Robert Zubrin

December 19, 2023 5:32 am

Time to Bow Out, Chris Christie

Despite his powerful Trump criticism, the former New Jersey governor could end up hurting contenders better positioned to defeat Trump—as…
Robert Zubrin
November 29, 2023 5:32 am

The Case for Nikki Haley

Alone among the remaining Republican contenders for the presidency, Nikki Haley is prepared to defend the West.
Robert Zubrin
November 10, 2023 5:32 am

Where Innovation Happens

The story of human progress told city by city.
Robert Zubrin
October 3, 2023 1:50 pm

The Perilous Rise of the Putin Republicans

They would have the United States abandon its defense of freedom and democracy.
Robert Zubrin
December 15, 2022 5:30 am

Here’s Why the Fusion Breakthrough—Decades in the Making—Matters

A tiny amount of energy but a very big deal.
Robert Zubrin
July 17, 2020 5:30 am

Calculating Climate Costs

The ‘skeptical environmentalist,’ Bjørn Lomborg, is back with a new book endorsing a carbon tax.
Robert Zubrin
May 27, 2020 5:30 am

SpaceX: Flying the American Way

The Crew Dragon launch promises to restore America’s lost space capacity—and could be a major milestone on the path to…
Robert Zubrin
March 13, 2020 5:30 am

Save the U.S. Oil Industry

Saudi market gaming is harming U.S. firms—but there’s a way to stop it and profit.
Robert Zubrin