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Olivia Troye

Olivia Troye is a former career intelligence professional who served as Vice President Mike Pence’s Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor, as well as his lead staffer on the White House Coronavirus Task Force. She is now director of the Republican Accountability Project and Republicans for Voting Rights.

Articles by Olivia Troye

July 15, 2021 5:30 am

Texas’s Voting Restrictions Are a Multi-Level Grift

It's not about “election integrity”—here’s how you can tell.
Olivia Troye
May 27, 2021 2:00 pm

How the Trump Administration Twisted Coronavirus Intelligence

Rather than use intelligence to inform the government's response to the pandemic, the Trump administration tried to bend the facts…
Olivia Troye
April 22, 2021 5:30 am

How the GOP Absorbed Far-Right Extremists

What started as campaign rhetoric became government policy and, for a few days, a congressional caucus.
Olivia Troye
March 4, 2021 2:20 pm

Mike Pence Can’t Walk Away from the Big Lie

Targeted on Jan. 6 for saying the election was valid, he now plays footsie with the conspiracy theorists. It’s in…
Olivia Troye