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David Masciotra

David Masciotra is the author of five books, including I Am Somebody: Why Jesse Jackson Matters (Bloomsbury, 2020) and Mellencamp: American Troubadour (Kentucky, 2015). He has written about politics, music, and literature for many publications, including Salon, No Depression, the Progressive, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Homepage:

Articles by David Masciotra

November 8, 2023 4:21 am

The Left’s Growing Antisemitism Problem

How can the left present its case for a more hospitable and just society if it makes Jews—the most persecuted…
David Masciotra
July 13, 2022 5:30 am

The Right’s Antisemitism Problem—and the Left’s

How prejudice and propaganda on the political extremes contribute to rising harassment of Jews.
David Masciotra