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Articles by David Head

March 13, 2024 4:25 am

The Wilt Chamberlain Conspiracy Theory and the ‘Presentism’ Trap

What to make of the fevered speculation that his 100-point single-game record is a lie.
David Head
November 22, 2023 5:32 am

When Historians Complain About Movies

There are lessons in all the griping and sniping over Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon.’
David Head
September 20, 2023 5:32 am

How to Fix Florida’s Scholarship Program for Homeschoolers

Families shouldn’t be using the money for Disney World tickets—but don’t be too quick to call expenses frivolous and wasteful.
David Head
July 15, 2022 5:30 am

Ranking Presidents Is a Game, Not a Science

And historians who advise presidents should remember the limits of their expertise.
David Head
March 5, 2022 10:03 am

Let’s Not Revive Privateering to Take Russian Superyachts

Leave it in the 19th century.
David Head
January 13, 2021 1:20 am

The 14th Amendment Is Not an Alternative to Impeachment

This is not the time to flex the Constitution, despite the need for urgency.
David Head
January 9, 2021 4:42 pm

Use Impeachment, Not the 25th Amendment, to Remove Trump

The amendment was not intended for this purpose, and could worsen the current instability.
David Head
September 19, 2020 10:34 am

Why We Love to Talk Like Pirates

Cultural and literary fascination with buccaneers goes back to when they were still swarming the seas.
David Head
July 9, 2020 5:30 am

No, Teens Are Not Having ‘Coronavirus Parties’

The latest in a long line of rumors—remember the Tide pods?—born of intergenerational incomprehensibility.
David Head
June 27, 2020 5:30 am

We Need ‘Dad History’ to Help Understand Our Monuments

The civic value of high-quality, eminently readable history.
David Head