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Anatomy of a Viral Lie

The video that shows exactly how Trump lied to America about the COVID-19 pandemic, in real time.
March 17, 2020
Anatomy of a Viral Lie
(Digital collage by Barry Rubin)

Since January 22, Donald Trump has been lying to America about COVID-19. He did so even as the number of cases spread, healthcare professionals raised the alarm, and other countries experienced the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump didn’t cause this pandemic. What he did was squander America’s only advantage—a lag-time during which to prepare for the crisis—and then encourage the spread of the disease when it might have been contained. He has, in real and material ways, made this crisis worse.

To understand the full breadth of what he has done to America, you have to watch as it happened in real time.

Barry Rubin

Barry Rubin is a senior video editor at The Bulwark.